Microsoft fixes lots of issues with Windows 10 October 2018 Update KB4469342

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Microsoft released an extensive update that will fix many issues with the plagued Windows 10 update. The company released cumulative update KB4469342, which Microsoft claims, has been thoroughly tested by Windows Insiders since the 27th of November.

At the second of October this year, Microsoft started to gradually distribute the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Only a couple of days later, Microsoft had to withdraw the update because some users reported their files were deleted. Even after the company restarted the roll-out of the update, several other bugs were found after which Microsoft decided to block the update on some systems with specific software or drivers installed states myce.

"It appears that Microsoft’s telemetry data has now indicated that update KB4469342 is stable enough to release. The update fixes about 20 bugs that were introduced with the October Update.

One of the fixes is for an issue that occurred when Edge users tried to upload files to file hosting services by dragging and dropping the files from the desktop in the browser. Sometimes the files did not upload, while the browser did not show an error message. Also an issue with Internet Explorer was solved, sometimes performance of the browser degraded when using roaming profiles or when the Microsoft Compatibility List wasn’t used. Another issue that was fixed caused mapped drives to fail to reconnect after starting and logging onto a Windows device.

Update KB4469342 also fixes an issue with brightness. In the October 2018 Update, the brightness did automatically reset to 50% after each system restart. Microsoft also fixed another issue related to displays. Sometimes the display settings stopped working when a user changed a multi-monitor configuration. Many more bugs were fixed, the entire list can be found in KB article 4469342."

Microsoft also fixed many of the issues that prevented the Windows 10 October 2018 Update to install on systems with specific drivers or software. Nevertheless, the company still lists two “known issues” with the update. Both were already known, one is an issue with the seek bar in Windows Media Player, the other is an issue with Nvidia graphic card drivers. The latter can be fixed by installing the latest driver that Nvidia made available.

Update KB4469342 will be released in the days to come and is an automated installation for Windows 10 systems. Obviously, you could manually check for updates.

Microsoft fixes lots of issues with Windows 10 October 2018 Update KB4469342

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