Microsoft accounts are no longer required to have a password linked with them.

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Microsoft enables the creation of accounts without the use of a password. Signing in with the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or a verification code are all options for users to choose from.

Starting on Wednesday, it will be possible to establish a Microsoft account without entering a password. A 'personal account without a password' feature will be added to personal accounts in the coming months. This will appear on both current accounts that have passwords and newly established accounts that do not have passwords.

Users must first download and link the Microsoft Authenticator app to their account before they may remove their password. They can then choose whether to enable or disable it from the 'Passwordless account' Additional security options section of their Microsoft account. It is also necessary to verify their account.

Microsoft advises consumers that they "may lose access" to existing programs, services, and devices as a result of the change. You cannot login in to an Xbox 360, Office 2010, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 using a Microsoft account that does not require a password.

Microsoft recommends app passwords for the Xbox 360 and Office 2010, among other things. The user has the option of requesting an automatically created password using the account security options. When the password has been used once, it will expire and will need to be obtained again. According to Microsoft, you may always turn off 'Account without password' again at any time.

Using Microsoft Authenticator and Windows Hello, you can log in without having to enter a password by entering a PIN or using your fingerprint. In addition, Microsoft argues that these approaches are less hackable than passwords. Data leaks typically include the use of passwords, but a PIN code would not be one of them. Passwords would also be a source of irritation for users. It was discovered in the same poll that a third of respondents would rather discontinue using their account than reset their password. People log in without using a password in 85 percent of cases.

Microsoft also announced that it will begin deleting passwords from Azure Active Directory accounts in the near future. After that, administrators can decide whether or not to make that option available to specific users. Passwords have been removed from the company's software and services for some time now, according to the company. As of January 1, 2019, Windows 10 no longer requires a password.

Microsoft accounts are no longer required to have a password linked with them.

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