Metro Exodus patch #1 - Should Improve DLSS sharpness and RTX optimization

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A Games has released the first post-launch update for Metro Exodus. According to the release notes, this patch brings general stability fixes, as well as DLSS fixes and improvements to sharpness and RTX fixes and optimizations. 

This update is available on both Steam (for those that have pre-ordered the game and can already play it) and the Epic Digital Store, and will be auto-downloaded the next time you start the clients.

Metro Exodus First Patch Release Notes

  • General Stability fixes
  • Optimization for Lower spec PC’s
  • DLSS fixes and improvements to sharpness
  • Fixed wallmark vfx for DX11
  • RTX fixes and optimization
  • Added bugtrap support for reporting crashes to 4A Games
  • Benchmark tool fixes

Additional info:

The new bugtrap tool will detect a crash or other fatal error that may occur in the PC version. It will gather some limited data from your machine and prepare a report that you can send to 4A Games via the Metro Support site. No user identifiable information is collected, but the report can be fully reviewed before sending. 

For controller lag reports on PC – If you have a high spec machine capable of running at high framerate, but have vsync in half, you will likely experience controller lag issues. The larger the difference between the possible framerate of a machine, and the vsync setting, the more lag you may experience. Please switch vsync to off or full to reduce these chances. We are continuing to investigate this issue.


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