MAXSUN Introduces Innovative B760BKB D5 Motherboard with Rear-Mounted Graphics Card Slot

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MAXSUN showcased the MS-Terminator B760BKB D5 motherboard at the Taipei International Computer Show, featuring a pioneering design where the main PCIe graphics card slot is positioned on the rear of the motherboard. This design, a first in the industry, is part of MAXSUN's BKB motherboard format, a variation on the standard ITX form factor, designed specifically for compact A4 ITX cases where the motherboard and graphics card are mounted back-to-back. The distinctive configuration of the MS-Terminator B760BKB D5 allows for direct insertion of a graphics card into the rear-facing main PCIe slot. This arrangement eliminates the need for a PCIe extension cable adapter, streamlining the installation process in small-form-factor cases and enhancing the aesthetic of the internal components. Furthermore, the motherboard supports a direct PCIe connection, promising purer and more stable signal transmission with reduced latency. It is also compatible with PCIe Gen5, ensuring high-speed data transfer capabilities without the necessity for high-specification cables.

The motherboard also features an additional x4 PCIe slot located on the front, adding flexibility for further expansion. For storage, the MS-Terminator B760BKB D5 is equipped with two M.2 slots—one on the front and one on the back—alongside four SATA3 ports, facilitating ample storage solutions and high data transfer speeds.


Power delivery is managed through an 8+1+1 phase power supply, adequate for supporting Intel’s LGA 1700 platform processors, which are commonly used in a range of computing applications from gaming to professional workloads.

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