Matrox G200: Celebrating 20 Years of Graphics Excellence

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Matrox is pleased to announce the 20-year anniversary of its Matrox G200 graphics chip. Developed for 2D, 3D, and video acceleration, the G200 powered a number of industry-first, graphics and multi-monitor-based product lines that delivered unprecedented image quality across one or more displays. 

Matrox G200 instituted a new graphics standard in multi-display computing for a wide range of corporate, government, industrial, and end-user applications. It is widely recognized as the driving force behind the high-end professional 2D workstation phenomenon. By focusing on high-quality, Windows desktop acceleration, Matrox established the precedent for image quality on analog cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors with unrivaled visual acuity. This became the benchmark behind a number of ground-breaking and award-winning innovations including:

  • MGA-G200: Revolutionary graphics chip for accelerating real-world 3D applications ranging from entry-level to mid-range CAD/animation packages to demanding industrial software to next-generation 3D games
  • Millennium G200: First quad-monitor graphics card for high-performance corporate, government, and industrial applications
  • Mystique G200: Leading add-in board with display plus television support for small office and home entertainment setups
  • Marvel G200: Multi-functional add-in card with display, video capture I/O, and television input functionality for advanced non-linear editing systems
  • G200 IP licensing: Distinguished IP cores and drivers delivering industry-leading reliability and performance in servers, plus video appliances, mobile internet devices, and more

“We are fiercely proud of providing the industry with trusted, field-proven, long-life technologies that have inspired real solutions for real-world applications,” says David Chiappini, VP of research and development, Matrox Graphics Inc. “It’s exciting to see Matrox G200 celebrate a 20-year anniversary—an achievement that speaks volumes of the unwavering and long-term commitment and support that we offer to our partners and customers.”

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