Matrox and Intel Arc Introduce LUMA Series: High-Resolution 1-Slot Graphics Cards for Multi-Display Environments

Matrox, in collaboration with Intel Arc, has released the LUMA series, a range of 1-slot graphics cards that offer high-resolution output of up to 8K/60Hz. The LUMA series consists of three models that support multi-display environments, including digital signage, control rooms, video walls, and medical systems.

All LUMA series models come equipped with four display outputs, enabling simultaneous output of four screens up to 5K/60Hz and two screens of 8K/60Hz and 5K/120Hz. Additionally, Matrox has provided a special utility called "Matrox PowerDesk," which allows for easy configuration of multi-displays.

The LUMA series models are as follows:

The LUMA series is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that require multi-display setups with high-resolution output. The LUMA series graphics cards are available now and can be purchased directly from Matrox or authorized resellers for a starting price of $500 USD (excl. VAT).

Check out Matrox's website for more information on the LUMA series graphics cards and their features

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