MasterCase Maker by Cooler Master Is Available

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A bit of a silent launch, but Cooler Master just released its MasterCase Maker edition. The product was announced nearly a year ago at Computex and features a modular design with body panels that can be swapped out.

The new wave of case technology pioneered by our MasterCase series crests with the unique FreeForm Modular System, which allows the freedom to swap and customize the case’s form and functionality with multiple interior and exterior outlooks.

  • Upgraded I/O – Four USB ports, including 3.0 Type C, with added fan LED and speed control buttons
  • Magnetic paneling - Front and top panels fit snugly with a magnetic grip
  • Sound suppression - Optional padded front and top panels (with added plate) balance noise and airflow
  • Custom air cooling - Up to six 140mm fans, with one LED Silencio fans included
  • Clip-and-click - Unique components panel for drive cage adjustment
  • Diverse 280mm liquid cooling - Water bracket enables top cooling while shifting the bottom-mounted HDD cage allows for front installation
  • Dual chamber - Partition panel isolates power supply and cables for clean management
  • Slip-and-clip SSDs - Two pockets with four mounting positions – behind motherboard tray and on top of partition

Stay connected and in control with four USB ports, including 3.0 Type C, with added fan speed and LED control buttons on the upgraded I/O panel. Redesigned top panels (with removable plate) balance noise and airflow and magnetic paneling on the front and top panels provide a snug fit with an optional padded front for sound suppression. Up to six 140mm fans, with oneLED Silencio fanpre-installed,come with the MasterCase Maker 5to provide a quieter customair cooling experience. Front installation of a diverse 280mm liquid cooling system is easy with the adjustable bottom-mounted HDD cage. Combined with an arsenal of accessories for noise control, lighting expression and thermal performance, the MasterCase Maker 5 outdoes all notions of the standard build.

The MasterCase Maker starts at US $220 for the base unit, optional accessories are available.

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