Martin Ashton leaves Intel and joins AMD Radeon team

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It's a bit of a freak-fest of transitions for both Intel and AMD with people moving. Several folks from AMD's Radeon Technologies Group moved towards Intel. This round, however, it's reversed, Martin Ashton previously at Intel and Imagination Technologies now moves towards AMD where he has taken the position of corporate vice president for all Radeon Technologies.

Ashton is to join up with David Wang, though it is unknown what he'll actually work on, reports Hexus today. Previously Wang took over the technical duties from Raja Koduri who left for Intel. Wang has been building a new team for roughly half a year now. Mike Rayfield also works for the RTG team as previously reported, previously he was part of Micron but also was active for Nvidia, specifically on the Tegra-soc. 

The statement they received from AMD goes like so: "We are very happy to bring Martin and his talent to AMD for our graphics roadmap and our business." Furthermore, reflecting on Ashton's new role at AMD, we were told that "David Wang is building a great team from both within AMD with key promotions and with key external additions like Martin".


Left Martin Ashton - Right David Wang

Martin Ashton leaves Intel and joins AMD Radeon team

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