Millions of websites around the world are unreachable due to a Cloudflare outage (update)

A glitch at internet service provider Cloudflare indicates that numerous services and websites are unavailable or just partially accessible on Tuesday. 

Cloudflare's website states that it is looking into "widespread difficulties with our services and/or networks." Users may get error messages and outages when attempting to access services or websites, according to the business. The cause of the outage is still unknown. It's also unclear how many websites were affected. Cloudflare's services are used by millions of websites globally. Users will receive an error message on websites that are affected by the outage. Some websites appear to load partially, but many are inaccessible.

The error seems to be NGINX pass-through specific and results in an error-code 500 server-side.

Update: The problem affected 19 data centers and 50% of traffic. Tuesday's Cloudflare outage was caused by the  provider itself. The company offers technical details. Cloudflare said the outage was caused by a modification to increase resilience in busy regions. Cloudflare posted a blog on the topic here.

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