Manli Denies EEC Ampere / GTX 2080 Certification

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Yesterday the story broke that dropped a bit of a bombshell on everything we've discussed over the past few weeks in regards to the pending GeForce 1180 / 2080 release. On a European EEC certification website, multiple entries have been spotted on the GPUs and Graphis card names. Manli just send out an email towards media, denying it all.

It is a bit of a bizarre turn of events really, I mean Manli could deny it under pressure by NVIDIA to kill of this all-new rumor, or, they could just be right and perhaps somebody planed it there. Albeit that's rather far-fetched. Here is that (partial) email from, to be continued I guess:

Dear all,

This is ---- from Manli’s marketing team. First of all, thanks for all your support MANLI !! About the product registration on EEC, it’s not officially applied or provided by Manli. We are still investigating at the moment. It is not the real information, we are still checking where the information from and who provided.

Thanks for your cooperation!!

Best Regards,

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