Man Shoots AMD Threadripper Processor with gun - Bullseye

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I never seem to understand or get the point of photos destroying stuff, I can only assume something happened with the system or somebody wanted to post a rambunctious photo of some kind, but yeah, somebody took a small caliber gun and shot a Threadripper processor bullseye, and then took a photo of it. 

What I can tell however is that the Ryzen Threadripper heat spreader seems to be a rather strong one. I'll just stop talking and leave it at the photo as posted on Reddit by Desecration, who just shared the photo and left no comment whatsoever. If this was a working setup, what a total waste of money and resources ... Or hey, perhaps it was a disgruntled Intel employee? I dunno man. The lower part of the photo does show broking liquid cooling of some kind, including a rather moisty area covered with coolant drops. Perhaps a leak destroyed the setup, and he shot it?

Man Shoots AMD Threadripper Processor with gun - Bullseye

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