Logitech Launches New Mouse with Integrated AI Button for Enhanced Interaction

AI is the new marketing buzz word of the year, and Logitec wants a piece of the pie from that. Logitech's introduction of the AI button follows the debut of the Copilot key on Windows PC keyboards, which simplifies the use of Microsoft's AI assistant. The new feature on Logitech's mouse is supported by the Logi AI Prompt Builder application, enabling users to engage directly with the ChatGPT chatbot. This application allows users to execute predefined commands such as rephrasing text, summarizing content, or compressing text to specific word counts. Depending on the user’s subscription to ChatGPT, additional functionalities like email composition or image generation are also accessible.

Logitech has recently developed a new mouse equipped with a dedicated button designed to facilitate interaction with artificial intelligence applications. This innovation is part of a broader trend where both software and hardware companies are adapting their offerings to incorporate AI functionalities more seamlessly. The AI-enhanced mouse, named the Logitech M750 AI, is priced at approximately $49.99 and will initially be available in the United States. It is important to note that not all Logitech mice are compatible with the Prompt Builder application; compatibility is limited to recent models that support the Logi Options+ software. As of now, the application supports interactions solely in English and is limited to ChatGPT, although Logitech is exploring expansions to include other chatbot technologies.

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