Logitech Introduces Left-Handed Version of Lift Ergonomic Vertical Mouse and Pink Wave Keys Keyboard

Logitech has introduced a left-handed version of its Lift ergonomic vertical mouse and a new pink color option for the Wave Keys keyboard. The Wave Keys keyboard, which was first launched in October of the previous year, began its pre-sale on the 11th of the same month with a price of approximately $66 USD (449 yuan). The introduction of the pink color expands the keyboard's color palette, previously limited to black and white.

The Wave Keys keyboard features a compact, contoured design aimed at facilitating an ergonomic mouse placement close to the user's body, thereby supporting a more natural shoulder posture compared to standard full-size keyboards. It includes a palm rest with three layers of supportive materials, such as deep memory foam, to enhance wrist comfort and support.

The Lift vertical ergonomic mouse, initially targeted at Asian users with small to medium hand sizes and priced at approximately $73 USD (499 yuan) for its 2022 launch, is now available in a left-handed configuration. This addition complements the existing right-handed model. The Lift mouse is designed with a 57-degree tilt, a sweat-resistant rubber palm rest, and a comfortable thumb rest to alleviate upper body strain during extended office use. Its dimensions are roughly 108mm by 70mm by 71mm, ensuring a balance of comfort and functionality for its users.

Source: ithome

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