Logitech Comfort Keyboard K290

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Logitech has released a new wired budget keyboard to its product page, the Comfort Keyboard K290. Supporting both Windows 7 and 8 operating systems, this full-sized keyboard comes with 108 keys (Windows 8 key included), an integrated palm rest for reducing hand fatigue and a USB 2.0 connector. The Comfort Keyboard K290 will go on sale from July 26th for 1,980 Yen (about $19).

Type comfortably and quietly

The keyboard has a built-in palm rest and low-profile keys for increased comfort. The palm rest is a comfortable place to rest your hands in between typing sessions, and the low-profile keys feel good and barely make a sound.

Type quickly and accurately

The full-size layout with separate navigation keys and number pad helps you type more quickly with fewer mistakes, because all the keys are right where you expect them to be.

Type for up to 10 million keystrokes*

The keyboard not only looks good, it’s also built to last. The long key life, spill resistant design** and sturdy tilt legs make it robust and reliable.

  • Keyboard layout: full-size with separate navigation keys and number pad
  • Design: palm rest, low-profile keys, spill-resistant*
  • Key life: up to 10 million keystrokes**
  • Typing noise:
    • standard keys within 47.5 dBA
    • special keys within 52.5 dBA
    • space bar within 55 dBA
  • Dimensions:
    • length: 459 mm (or 18.1 in)
    • width: 182.6 mm (or 7.2 in)
    • height: 20.4 mm (or 0.8 inches)
  • Angle with tilt legs open: 8º
  • Cable length: 1.7 m (or 5.5 ft)
  • Weight: 930 g (or 32.08 oz)

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