Linksys-routers Vulnerable due to multiple cgi-scripts

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Linksys routers ranging from model EA6100 up-to EA6300 are Vulnerable and exploitable due to multiple cgi-scripts. The scripts can be used by an unauthorized attacker, which can get them access to the master password of the device.

Linksys' EA6100-6300 wireless routers will need a patch reports the register: KoreLogic has published an advisory saying that CGI scripts in the admin interface open the device up to remote attackers. Since it's a consumer product the risk is high that most of the devices out there never would be patched. The bad scripts include the bootloader, sysinfo.cgi, ezwifi_cfg.cgi, qos_info.cgi and others.

The disclosure is attributed to Matt Bergin of KoreLogic. His proof-of-concept code provided with the advisory includes testing the target device to see if its admin password remains set to default. At the time of writing, Linksys has not published a fix, so it's at the very least recommended to shut down remote admin access to any devices you're in contact with.

Linksys-routers Vulnerable due to multiple cgi-scripts

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