Linux Drivers Entries Suggest two APU AMD Lines in 2020

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A Linux patch reveals that AMD is actively working on two APU series, Dali and Renoir. If chatter is correct then Renoir is to focus on the mobile and the desktop market whereas Dali will be targeted at budget-friendly small form factor builds and mobile systems. 

Renoir likely will be making use of Vega architecture (not NAVI). However, the processor cores would be likely be based on Zen 2 at a 7nm fabrication process. That seems to be different for Dali, both already appeared in a roadmap back in 2018.

Today was the first patches to the AMDGPU Linux driver albeit volleyed so far were just the initial DC "Display Core" patches that add in the new ASIC ID and also a second patch limiting the voltage level explicitly for Dali. Dali is being treated as just a newer revision of the AMD Picasso APU support. The patch messages also confirm that Dali is a new revision derived from Raven 2 / Picasso hardware. While we're still waiting on more Dali patches to come out, at this stage it's looking to be a near facsimile to current AMD Vega-based Picasso APUs and not featuring any new display or video blocks like we're seeing with the beefier Vega-based Renoir.

Dali is a bit more of a mystery and does sound like a replacement for Picasso. The new Linux patch has set a voltage limit for Dali. According to the data, Picasso's successor is based on Raven Ridge. Renoir AUPss will have a new display engine , called dcn 2.1, while the existing apus from the 2000 and 3000 series still use version 1.0. Example Series Radeon RX 5700 use version 2.0. Renoir would also be able to deal with LPDDR4X-4266. Both Dali and Renoir would appear on the market in 2020.

Linux Drivers Entries Suggest two APU AMD Lines in 2020

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