Lian Li Shows Its A3 Micro-ATX Chassis

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Lian Li, a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, has partnered with DAN Cases to produce the A3-mATX. Featuring high-performance mesh panels at the top and both sides, the A3-mATX ensures optimal airflow and cooling for your compact system. The PSU mounting bracket that supports ATX and SFX power supplies is adjustable at 5 different heights, creating different clearance scenarios that allow this micro-ATX chassis to house larger components, enhancing flexibility. The case supports a wide range of hardware, including 4.5 slots GPUs up to 415 mm in length, up to 360 mm AIOs, and up to 10 x 120 mm fans in total. A glass side panel and vertical GPU mounting kit are available as optional accessories, providing users with great levels of aesthetic customization. The LIAN LI A3-mATX comes in both black and white color options and is priced at $69.99 MSRP.

Even with its micro-ATX footprint, the A3-mATX does not slack on what components it can fit. The possibility of accommodating 4.5 slots GPUs up to 415 mm in length promises the option of going for high-end GPUs. AIOs up to 360 mm can be installed on both the top and the left side for sufficient cooling, and the maximum capacity of 10 x 120 mm fans for rigorous gaming sessions. The PSU mounting bracket of the A3-mATX offers unparalleled versatility with its multiple mounting locations. Both the front and the right side of the case can house the PSU in five different height settings. Compatible PSU sizes include ATX, SFX, and SFX-L with a maximum length of 220 mm. The hard drive mounting tray is also highly versatile with a total of 4 different settings on the front and the right side. Depending on the different configurations of the PSU, the compatibility of the GPU, radiator, and cooling fans changes accordingly, allowing users to express true freedom when building.


High-Performance Mesh Panels

The A3-mATX even with the volume being just over 26L, boasts 3 high-performance mesh panels on the top and both sides of the case, providing ample airflow for this compact chassis. The top panel is secured by 2 easy to remove thumb screws, while the side panels can be quickly removed with their toolless mounting mechanism. The reinforced plastic front panel goes for a modern, minimalist look, also detachable thanks to toolless mounting. A magnetic dust filter is provided at the bottom of the case, covering the entire bottom opening to keep your build nice and tidy.

Additional Aesthetic Upgrade
Two additional accessories are available for the A3-mATX, starting with a tempered glass left-side panel to provide users with an unrestricted view of their PC build, and a vertical GPU kit that allows users to opt for direct air intake for their graphics card from the left-side panel. Both accessories are available in black and in white, at an MSRP of $12.99 and $49.99 respectively.

The LIAN LI A3-mATX will be available on May 22nd, 2024, at an MSRP of $69.99 for both the black and the white versions. 
For more information on the LIAN LI A3-mATX, please visit this page.


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