Lian Li presents new cases at Computex 2023 and a fan with an embedded diaplay

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Lian Li, a renowned manufacturer of computer cases, has unveiled several new products set to be available soon. The O11 Vision, a unique cabinet with glass elements on its front, side, and top, is one of the featured products.

Notably, the top panel of the O11 Vision doubles as a mirror, reflecting the internal components and visible only from the outside. Other features of this model include a removable motherboard tray and space for a 240mm diameter radiator. It will be sold in both black and white, priced at $139 in the United States.

The Lian Li O11 Evo RGB bears similarity to the Vision model but lacks a mirror feature, thus allowing room for radiator fans. The cabinet also includes RGB strips on the top and bottom. The black version will retail at $169, while the white variant will be priced at $179 in the United States.

The final cabinet, the O11D Evo XL, is an e-ATX case with glass on the front and sides. It features a removable column and an adjustable motherboard tray, providing flexibility in the arrangement of internal components. The black and white versions will be sold for $234 and $244 respectively in the United States.

In addition to the cases, Lian Li showcased a cabinet concept named SUP-01. This tall and slender model requires a vertical GPU mounting due to its design, and is equipped with tempered glass panels and fan space for efficient cooling. This model is projected to be released in late 2023 at a suggested retail price of $144 in the United States.

Outside of cabinets, Lian Li also introduced the UNI Fan 2nd Gen TL LCD. This innovative fan, capable of reaching 2100 RPM, features a display capable of showing GIFs, MP4 videos, general images, and even system information such as CPU temperature. Set to launch next quarter, it will be priced at $129 (!).

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