Lian Li mini Spider Case

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So personally I feel this is the most ugly chassis ever made, then again taste differs of course. The four-legged, quasi-animate object barely fits into the open air case/testing bench category of PC cases, is built out of aluminum and measures 227 (W) x 272 (H) x 345 (D) mm. Due to its design and shape, it can only accommodate motherboards using the mini ITX form factor, a 3.5-inch hard disk drive or SSD for storage and a slim, 5.25-inch optical drive.

The chassis also lacks fan holders. Fortunately, the spider's abdomen was, at least, spacious enough to fit a standard size ATX power supply. Basically, those that like to test different parts in a unique way or simply like to have a giant arachnid next to them will find a use for the PITSTOP PC-T1.

It will eventually make its appearance by the end of May, in the red version seen at CeBIT (for $123), as well as incarnations colored black and silver ($108).

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