Lian Li introduces new series of all-aluminum convertible cases

Lian Li launched a new range of all-Aluminium PC chassis, the PC-Q50, PC-V320, and PC-V720. In a time of tempered glass and RGB lighting, Lian Li’s new cases offer a return to classic PC chassis, crafted with high-quality materials and offering a spacious solution to high-performance builds for regular desktop and HTPC use. 

Despite their classic looks, the PC-Q50, PC-V320, and PC-V720 are all equipped with, and ready for the latest PC technology, this includes a USB 3.1 Type-C connector on the front panel. All three models will be available in a bare Aluminium or Black and come equipped with intake and exhaust fan (depending on the model) in an already well-vented chassis. With models sized for Mini-ITX, MicroATX and ATX motherboards, PC enthusiast looking for a luxurious case to adorn their desk or home entertainment center have a freedom of choice.

All the new Lian Li Aluminium chassis can be easily converted from tower to desktop model for flexible placing on or under a desk, or for use as a powerful HTPC in a home entertainment environment. The Aluminum feet with rubber anti-vibration and protective layer can be easily removed or installed by simply turning them to screw in or out. The front, top, and bottom panels all feature an exorbitant amount of laser cut holes for optimal ventilation. This allows the PC-Q50, PC-V320, and PC-V720 able to operate with a minimum amount of low noise fans in environments where those requirements are vital.

Compact design for maximum space efficiency

All three models feature a motherboard-centric design principle. By developing the case around the motherboard tray, the designs have become immensely space efficient. Each chassis features an exhaust fan at the top, to exhaust hot CPU & VRM air, while a pass-through cable allows the placement of a suspended PSU (SFX for the PC-Q50, ATX for the PC-V320 and PC-V720) from the top of the chassis, together with a 2.5”/3.5” drive rack. Below that, an intake fan (120 mm) on the PC-V320 and PC-V720 ensure sufficient cooling for the larger components that fit a (Micro) ATX system.

Traditional Lian Li quality

The PC-Q50, PC-V320, and PC-V720 uphold the traditional Lian Li qualities of high-quality materials, ease-of-use and forward thinking. That’s why all models feature a USB 3.1 Type-C connector next to the regular array of connectors you usually find on a front panel, such as two USB 3.0 and HD Audio jacks. The side panels feature Lian Li’s patented rivet locking mechanism and allow easy access to components inside the chassis.

Price and Availability

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