Lian Li Adds Two Models to Desk-type PC Case

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The improved version of the "DK" series of desk-type PC cases has an electric up/down function operated by button operation. The expandability is enhanced from the conventional model, and a graphics card up to 400 mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 185 mm in height can be installed. Can we even call this a case?

The latest model of Lian Li's desk type PC case "DK" series is a successor to the dual system compatible model "DK-05" that can mount two E-ATX motherboards.In addition, the light control glass used for the top plate is 8 mm thick and can be switched between transparent and non-transparent by button operation. The E-ATX motherboard has two systems that can be built in, and it has a super high-end spec as a PC case.

The external dimensions are 1,400 mm in width, 780 mm in depth, 689 to 1,175 mm in height, and weighs 76 kg. Compatible form factors are E-ATX, ATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX (2 systems each), drive bay is 2.5/3.5 inch shadow bay x4 (x2), cooling fan is front 120mmx8 or 140mmx6, bottom 120mmx6, rear left and right rear 120/140mmx1, rear center 120mmx1 or 140mmx2. Available radiator sizes are front 420/480mm size x2, bottom 360mm size x2, rear 240mm size x1, expansion slot 8 steps x2.


"DK-04F" is for single system. The external dimensions are 1,000 mm in width, 740 mm in depth, 689 to 1,175 mm in height, and weighs 65 kg. Compatible form factors are E-ATX, ATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX, drive bay 3.5 inch shadow bay x 9 or 3.5 inch shadow bay x 6 + 2.5 inch shadow bay x 3, cooling fan front 120 mm x 4 or 140 mm x 3, rear left 120 ×1 or 140mmx2, rear right 120/140mmx1. The radiator size that can be installed is 420 x 480mm size x 1, front 240 / 280mm size x 1, and 8 expansion slots.

Prices are a guess right now but expect anything from 1000 upwards towards 2000 USD.

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