LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor has Strobe Backlight

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LG will release the 24GM77 gaming monitor which comes with a strobe backlight - Motion 240 (120Hz + strobing). You could call this a a “lightboost” clone.  The 24GM77 is designed specifically for gaming, and features a fast 144Hz refresh rate from its TN Film panel.

 LG’s Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) Mode decreases input lag. it also has a Black Stabilizer for consistent blacks across different scenes and Game Mode, which offers three optimized settings that can be applied quickly by pressing a hotkey on the monitor, with the option to create customized presets.

And a new "Motion 240" mode, developed exclusively for the Gaming Monitor, helps minimize motion blur with a fast response time of less than 1ms. This mode has been confirmed as a strobe backlight system, much like the "Turbo 240" mode from the Eizo Foris FG2421.

LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor has Strobe Backlight

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