"Leaked" slide suggest nVidia skip 600 series going for 700

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I was a little in doubt wether or not to post this as news, as the slides look like a bunch of BS to me. If we may believe the slide NVIDIA the GTX 680 or 780 is way ahead of uss, thus the slides do not make any sense.

Then again, always when the competition launches, mysteriously some slides surface as an effect in the traditional mudfight inbetween AMD and NVIDIA. So here's a slide showing a 580 compared with the 780 suggesting that "Kepler" performance increase to be almost double? Does the renaming justify the performance it provides or is this to match up with AMD's upcoming 7k seriesĀ  again these are rumors so you be the judge.

Leaked/Confidential/NDA... All these slides I would take with a grain of salt until they're confirmed and most of the time its all hype/marketing so don't base any opinions yet on the actual performance. Remember the AMD "NDA" pic [here] yeah same rules apply , though it would spell trouble for AMD if these were true. Thanks AZ7 for submitting this one in the forums news section.

Anyway, we feel the slide is fake but you never know, so take it with a huge grain of salt please.

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