Leaked Roadmap shows Two Lines of Enthusiast Sandy Bridge-E CPUs

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We're all looking forward to these little puppies. Even where the 2600K processor already kicks ass bigtime Intel will release Sandy Bridge-E (enthusiast) platform.

These are multi-core processors based on the 2011-pin LGA Socket and Intel X79 Express chipset.

A new roadmap slide leaked to the Chinese media reveals that these CPUs can be overclocked or "unlocked", as Intel puts it yet also comes with a locked down version. 

There will be 6-core chips at the very top of the line, to be unlocked and tagged in the "Extreme Edition" series. These dogs of war feature 15 MB of L3 cache, among several other features enabled. We're betting these processors will cost around US $1000.

The first batch will be clocked at 3.30 GHz (+ Turbo). The second class of "unlocked" chips are those which make overclocking more accessible at lower price points probably branded with the "K" brand identifier extension (eg: 2600K).

These 6-core chips will feature unlocked multipliers, while having 12 MB of cache enabled. The first of these chips will be clocked at 3.20 GHz.

Anyways, have a peek at the leaked slide, that's some good info ...

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