Leaked Details of AMD Ryzen 8000 12-core Zen5 "Strix Point" APU with 16 RDNA3.5 Compute Units

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A recent leak provides details on the specifications of AMD's forthcoming APU. The Ryzen 8050 APU series is set to launch with 12 cores, in line with prior expectations. 

The APU architecture discussion has evolved, with the prevailing understanding suggesting a structure comprising 4x Zen5 (Big/P-Core) and 12x Zen5c (Small/E-Core) configurations. Data from PerformanceDatabases reveals an AMD Strix Point APU with this structure, featuring 1024 unified shaders. This data confirms 16 Compute Units (16x64=1024) in the upcoming APU. Notably, the integrated GPU is labeled as "AMD Strix - Internal GPU" based on readings from the HWINFO software, which captured these unreleased CPU specifications. The mentioned 512MB GDDR6 memory configuration might not be entirely accurate. The detailed images present the STX1-A0 silicon, designed for a 45W TDP, suggesting its use as a mobile processor prototype. This CPU utilizes the FP8 package and is paired with 32GB LPDDR5 memory. The Strix Point APU is a version of the Zen5 core, which AMD intends to incorporate into the Ryzen 8000 series. It is anticipated that the series will include processors with varying combinations of Zen4/Zen5/Zen5c CPU architectures, coupled with either RDNA3 or RDNA3.5 GPU architectures. Following the Ryzen 7040H(S) series, frequently used in mainstream laptops and often paired with high-end gaming GPUs, the Strix Point APU will introduce the 16CU RDNA3.5 integrated graphics. This could lead to a reduced reliance on discrete graphics in these devices. Additionally, this APU model denotes a 50% rise in CPU core count and a 33% growth in GPU cores compared to the current Phoenix APUs, which are popular with handheld gaming device producers. With advancements in CPU architecture and an increased GPU core count, systems may experience significant performance improvements if manufacturers adopt the new hardware configurations.

Rumored AMD Ryzen 8000 Series

ModelTargetTypeRyzen SeriesCPU CoresGPU CoresDefault TDP
Hawk Point Mainstream APU Monolithic Ryzen 8040 8x Zen4 12CU RDNA3 ~28-54W
Strix Point Premium APU Monolithic Ryzen 8050 12C (4x Zen5 + 8x Zen5c) 16CU RDNA3.5 ~28-54W
Fire Range High-end APU Multi Chiplet Ryzen 8055 16x Zen5 TBC ~55-75W
Strix Halo/Sarlak Ultimate APU Multi Chiplet TBC 16x Zen5 40CU RDNA3.5 ~55-120W
Granite Ridge Desktop CPU Multi Chiplet Ryzen 8000 16x Zen5 TBC ~65-170W

Leaked Details of AMD Ryzen 8000 12-core Zen5 "Strix Point" APU with 16 RDNA3.5 Compute Units

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