Leaked Benchmark of Intel Core i7 3770K

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Intel's most CPU from the upcoming Ivy Bridge collection is going to be known as Core i7 3770K and has been benchmarked, apparently. The benchmarking results that have made their way to the Internet originate with OBR-Hardware, which is not the most reliable of sources TBH.

That said, OBR-Hardware claims to have tested the upcoming central processing unit on a Z68 chipset motherboard loaded with a new UEFI/BIOS that included Ivy Bridge support. The processor was an engineering sample that used the C0 stepping and was clocked at 3.5 GHz, while the Turbo Boost upper limit was 3.9 GHz.

Long story short, the tests showed a superiority of about 9% compared to the Core i7 2600K and, by extension, a likely improvement of 6-7% over the Core i7 2700K.  For those that want more specifics, the tests included both single-threaded and multi-threaded benchmarks.

It bears noting that Ivy Bridge was never about extra performance in terms of raw processing might, hence the arguably modest rise in computing scores. Instead, Intel chose to focus on making the graphics side better, while reducing the die size and power requirements. While featuring the Intel GMA HD IGP (integrated graphics processor), the TDP (thermal design power) of Ivy Bride will be 18W below that of Sandy bridge (77W instead of 95W).

Nevertheless, even if this leak shows somewhat similar results to previous reports, Intel's in-house projections are a bit more ambitious. On that note, the Ivy bridge SKUs working at 65W (low-power CPUs) will probably have much higher frequencies than their SB counterparts, which also consume 65W.

The exact results are on the adjoining table but, as stated above, don't put too much stock on them just yet. Certainty will reign only after the units launch in April, alongside Z77 motherboards.

Update - they have taken the content down "because of good relationship with Intel"

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