KIOXIA America, Inc. Advances UFS Technology with Sampling of UFS Ver. 4.0 Embedded Flash Memory Devices

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KIOXIA is taking a step forward in Universal Flash Storage (UFS) technology by announcing the sampling of their new UFS Ver. 4.0 embedded flash memory devices.

These devices offer high-performance embedded storage transfer speeds in a compact form factor, catering to various next-generation mobile applications, including cutting-edge smartphones. The improved performance of KIOXIA's UFS products enables these applications to leverage the advantages of 5G connectivity, resulting in faster downloads, reduced latency, and an enhanced user experience.

The UFS Ver. 4.0 devices from KIOXIA combine their innovative BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory with a controller, packaged according to JEDEC standards. UFS 4.0 incorporates MIPI M-PHY 5.0 and UniPro 2.0, supporting theoretical interface speeds of up to 23.2 gigabits per second (Gbps) per lane or 46.4 Gbps per device. Importantly, UFS 4.0 maintains backward compatibility with UFS 3.1.

Scott Beekman, Vice President of the Memory Business Unit at KIOXIA America, Inc., emphasized the company's commitment to UFS leadership, stating, "With our latest generation of UFS 4.0 devices, KIOXIA continues to push the boundaries of performance from one generation to the next."

Key Features include:

  • Performance improvement over the previous generation: Sequential write speed increased by 18%, random write speed by 30%, and random read speed by 13%.
  • Supports High-Speed Link Startup Sequence (HS-LSS) features: With HS-LSS, the Link Startup between the device and host can be performed at a faster HS-G1 Rate A (1248 megabits per second), reducing the Link Startup time by approximately 70% compared to conventional methods.
  • Enhances security: Utilizes Advanced RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) for faster read and write access to security data, such as user credentials, and RPMB Purge for secure and rapid data sanitization.
  • Supports Extended Initiator ID (Ext-IID): Designed for improved random performance when used with Multi Circular Queue (MCQ) at the UFS 4.0 host controller.

The introduction of KIOXIA's UFS Ver. 4.0 embedded flash memory devices signifies a significant advancement in mobile storage technology, empowering next-generation mobile devices to deliver exceptional performance and a seamless user experience.

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