KFA2 outs GeForce GTX 480 LTD OC Anarchy

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All new brand KFA2 is pushing the limits of the GeForce GTX 480 be releasing the  LTD OC Anarchy edition. The card will get the new Acelero Xtreme Plus cooler slapped on top of the PCB making the card not only silent, yet keeps it cool under 60 Degrees C when stressed.

To spice things up a little KFA2 will factory overclock the product for you as well and fires off a 760 MHz core clock frequency at the product.

Now we have had this product in-house for a couple of days already, and it even overclocks to 900 MHz with a little voltage tweaking. Tomorrow on Friday you can expect a full blown review on what is a very interesting product.

KFA2 is a very new company you guys, visit them here

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