Judge rules that Samsung and Qualcomm do not violate Nvidia patents

According to a judge ruling from the International Trade Commission, Samsung and Qualcomm do not violate Nvidia patents. Nvidia released this news themselves on their blog. Nvidia will appeal this ruling.


In the latest step of our efforts to protect NVIDIA’s intellectual property, an administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled today that Samsung and Qualcomm did not violate U.S. law with respect to importing certain Samsung products into the U.S.

Judge Thomas Pender issued an initial determination that Samsung and Qualcomm didn’t infringe two NVIDIA patents, and that both did infringe a third patent but that this patent wasn’t valid.

This initial determination is one more step in a long legal process.

We now intend to ask the full commission (which is made up of six commissioners) to review this initial determination and to confirm the previous judgment of the U.S. Patent Office — that the third patent is valid. If they agree, the ITC would issue an order that would preclude Samsung from importing into the U.S. infringing Samsung mobile devices and smart TVs.

We are continuing this case by proceeding to the next step in the process because we believe our patents are valid and have been infringed.

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