Jonsbo Releases TW2-240 Pro COLOR LCS

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JONSBO has released an all-in-one type water cooling unit with addressable RGB LEDs built into the cooling fan and water block. A 360mm radiator equipped (TW2-360 Pro COLOR) and, 240mm radiator mounted model (TW2-240 Pro COLOR) have been added to the to line up.

The water block with addressable RGB LEDs on the top has a built-in pump of 2,500 rpm. It is a 3.6W output pump driven by 12V, and the operation sound is 30dBA or less. The cooling fan has been equipped with a 120mm fan that employs hydraulic bearings, the rotation speed is 700-1,500rpm ±10%, the air volume is 25.5-62.8CFM, and the noise value is 18.1-29.5dBA.

Supported platforms are Intel LGA1200/115x/775/1366/2011, AMD 754/939/AM2(+)/AM3(+)/AM4/FM1/FM2(+). The external dimensions of the radiator are 394 mm in width, 120 mm in depth, and 27 mm in height for the 360 mm model. The 240mm model has a width of 274mm, a depth of 120mm, and a height of 27mm.

Jonsbo Releases TW2-240 Pro COLOR LCS

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