JONSBO offers 40mm ARGB fan HF1415 with a thickness of 15mm

12 addressable RGB LEDs are built in the drum part, and the color and emission pattern can be changed using the 5V / 3pin connector. Two colors, black and white, are available. The power consumption is 3.6W for fan and 1.15W for the LED.

There are two colors available: black and white. The drum component has 12 addressable RGB LEDs, and the color and emission pattern may be altered using the 5V / 3pin connector on the motherboard and the addressable RGB LED controller. A translucent impeller is also employed to allow the LED light to be seen.

Black HF1415 - The fan rotation speed is 700 to 1,650 rpm 10%, the air volume is 13.1 to 75.59 CFM, the noise level is 18.6 to 29.6 dBA, the static pressure is 0.2 to 1.79 mmH2O, and the current consumption is 0.30 A for the fan and 0.23 A for the LED. The fan consumes 3.6W of power and the LED consumes 1.15W.

White HF1415 - The MTTF is over 50,000 hours in a 25° C environment, and the body dimensions are 140 mm wide, 140 mm deep, and 15 mm thick.

HF1415 White
HF1415 Black

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