JONSBO also launches an all-in-one water cooling unit that does not light up tubing

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A new water cooling unit from JONSBO, which has recently developed an all-in-one type water cooling unit that shines up to the tubing. This unit is rather quiet compared to the previous model. 

There are two different sizes available in the lineup: 240 mm and 360 mm. Intel LGA 1200 / 115x / 775/1366/2911 (-3), AMD Socket AM4 / AM3 (+) / AM2 (+) / FM1 / F2 (+) / 754/939, and AMD Socket AM4 / AM3 (+) / FM1 / F2 (+) / 754/939.

It is available in two sizes: 240mm (width 119.2mm, length 276.8mm, thickness 27.2mm) and 360mm (width 119.2mm, length 394). Both sizes are fitted with a 120mm fan and an ARGB LED incorporated into the radiator's housing. The rotation speed ranges from 800 to 1,800 rpm with a 10% PWM standard, the maximum noise level is 35.7 dBA, and the air volume ranges from 30.5 to 71 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

The water block (80.3x67x46mm) features a dazzling infinity mirror finish, and the pump's noise level can reach up to 30dBA at full capacity.

SHADOW 240 ARGB Ver 2.0
SHADOW 360 ARGB Ver 2.0

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