Joled starts mass production of monitor OLED panels 10" to 32" next year

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Company Joled has raised some serious capital and to start a new production line for 10" to 32" OLED panels for cards and high-end monitors, and production starts next year in 2020. The company plans to fan 220,000 panels per month. That means that OLED based monitors finally will make an appearance.

JOLED Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Tadashi Ishibashi; hereafter “JOLED”), which develops, manufactures, and sells organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, has been developing the world’s first printed OLED display mass-production lines, and started building production lines for the post-process at the recently established JOLED Chiba Site. 

OLED displays by JOLED will be produced through the pre-process from the array process to the printed OLED process conducted at JOLED Nomi Site and the module process that constitutes the post-process, conducted at Chiba Site. After passing the final inspection, the completed display products are being shipped to customers from Chiba. The production capacity at Chiba Site will be approximately 220,000 units of OLED displays per month. Chiba Site is scheduled to start operations in 2020, simultaneously with Nomi Site.

The entire production process of JOLED’s OLED display production lines will consist of the pre-process at Nomi Site and the post-process at Chiba Site. This process will become operation in 2020, with JOLED set to produce medium-sized (10- to 32-inch) printed OLED displays for use in areas such as automotive displays and high-end monitors. Nissha, who recently became a joint shareholder, produces film-based touch sensors as one of its major products. JOLED will work together with Nissha in the area of touch sensors for various OLED displays in the future.

With the proprietary RGB printing technology for producing OLED displays, which enables efficient production and represents a major innovation within the OLED industry, JOLED will complete the entire process of mass-production lines as scheduled to offer medium-sized, high-definition OLED displays demanded by the market. JOLED will continue to take on challenges with the aim of leading the OLED industry, fulfilling its mission to realize a world full of excitement and emotion, drawing on leading-edge devices.

Joled uses an RGB printing technique for making the OLED panels and according to the company, the company was founded in 2015 and consists of the former OLED divisions of Sony and Panasonic. 

Back in 2018 a ProArt PQ22UC monitor with 21.6" OLED panel  already been on display

Joled starts mass production of monitor OLED panels 10" to 32" next year

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