InWin Launches SR24 and SR36 All-In-One (AIO) CPU Liquid Coolers

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They've announced this kit before, it's available now though. InWin is announcing the availability of its new CPU AIOs , the SR24 and SR36 designed for PC enthusiasts looking for an ultra reliable, high performance cooling solution. InWin's new patented high flow pump uses a dual turbine design where both turbines operate simultaneously to apply parallel liquid pressure to the copper cold plate. 

InWin’s new, patented high-flow pump uses a “twin turbine” design where both turbines operate simultaneously to apply parallel water pressure to the copper cold-plate. This design significantly reduces the temperature delta to keep the CPU as cool as possible. Atop the pump a white breathing LED logo illuminates under normal operating conditions, but if the pump detects an unusual electrical current or excessive heat, the LEDs will flash red and blue to alert the user. Its ultra-reliable design even notifies the user in the unlikely event of pump failure. Should one pump fail, the other pump will keep operating and ensure the CPU will not overheat.

High Performance, Micro-Channel Fin Radiator
The SR24 and SR36 represent 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes respectively. These large radiators are fitted with an array of micro-channel fins that offer incredibly large surface area for superb cooling. The pump and radiator are fitted with “zero-leak” rubber tubings that are designed to withstand the constant motion of water. The tubes are a tightly sleeved with braided nylon, which are designed to provide extra protection and looks great too.

High Static Pressure Fans
The InWin AJF120 fans are included with both variations of the SR-series and are specifically tailored to provide high static pressure for the best balance of high performance and reduced noise. The AJF120 case fans connect directly to the pump, which syncs and controls their speed via 4-pin PWM that connects to the CPU fan header. For safety, a SATA power connector provides all the power required for all fans and the pump. The AJF120 fans feature frosted fan blades and possess ARGB LEDs in the central hub that can sync with an ARGB motherboard software. Alternatively, the color can be directly adjusted by the provided one-click controller if the user’s motherboard doesn’t have an ARGB header.

More info can be found at the product page.

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