Introducing COUGAR: A Range of 7 Gaming Chair Models, Including the ARMOR AIR with Switchable Backrest Material

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COUGAR, a renowned brand in the gaming furniture industry, is pleased to announce the availability of 7 models of gaming chairs, including the highly versatile "ARMOR AIR" and "ARMOR ELITE" series. 

The ARMOR AIR gaming chair offers exceptional flexibility with its backrest material, which can be easily switched between leather and mesh options. It features a 160° reclining function, a 2D armrest that can be adjusted in two directions, and a sturdy full steel frame. The "ARMOR AIR" is available in two color options: black/orange and black. With dimensions of 720mm width, 540mm depth, and an adjustable height ranging from 1,300mm to 1,380mm, this chair weighs 20kg. It has a maximum load capacity of 120kg and is recommended for individuals with a height between 120cm and 210cm.

The ARMOR ELITE series consists of high-back gaming chairs designed with a standard yet stylish approach. It comes in five attractive color variations: black/orange, black, white, black/gold, and black/pink. These chairs also feature a 160° reclining function, a piston lift adjustment function utilizing a class 4 gas lift cylinder, an adjustable tilt tension function, and a 2D armrest for versatile customization. Built with durability in mind, they incorporate a robust full steel frame. The "ARMOR ELITE" measures 675mm in width, 490mm in depth, and has an adjustable height ranging from 1,260mm to 1,330mm. It weighs 20kg and has a load capacity of 120kg. The recommended height for users is between 120cm and 210cm.

Direct sales prices for the COUGAR gaming chairs are as follows:

    • ARMOR AIR: $289 (including tax) with two options: black and black/orange. Scheduled release date: June 14.
    • ARMOR ELITE: $249 (including tax) with various color choices: black/orange, black, white, black/gold, and black/pink. Scheduled release date: June 14, except for white, royal, and Eva variants, which are expected to be released in late June.

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