Intel's discrete graphics cards will not start at $200

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Last week it was rumored that Intel's upcoming dedicated graphics cards, codenamed Arctic Sound, could become real price-goers, at least according to recent statements by chief architect and former AMD manager Raja Koduri. In an interview with the Russian YouTube channel PRO Hi-Tech he gave insights into Intel's plans with cards starting at 200 USD.

As it turns out, that is not correct. Raja Koduri has never told PRO Hi-Tech that Intel's discrete GPUs with graphics will start at $ 200. It is simply a translation error, as the interview was expected to be in English and not in Russian. In the meantime, Intel has spoken again and published an official statement by Raja Koduri on the subject.

Not everybody wants to buy a $ 500- $ 600 card, but there are enough people to buy those too - so that's a great market. So the strategy says it all, it costs $ 100, all the way to Data Center-class graphics with HBM memories and all, which will be expensive. We have to hit everything; it's just a matter of where do you start? The first one? The second one? The third one? And the strategy that we have within a period of roughly - let's call it 2-3 years - to have the full stack.

Raja Koduri, Intel

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