Intel's all 5 GHz cores Core i9 9900KS Processor has 127W TDP (Updated)

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Intel today held a conference call related to IFA in Berlin, and unexpectedly they actually talked about the 9900KS, and mention that the all-core 5 GHz processor is due for a release next month.

The Core i9 9900KS processor will have 5 GHz boost activated on all eight cores. So in threaded workloads where one or all threads are utilized, the processor will jump to 5 GHz in all threads/cores. The existing Core i9 9900K, which has one core active up to 5 GHz, and all core stress translates towards a maximum of 4.7 GHz on all cores is the same product, this, however, is a heavily binned version of that SKU. Intel did not share any details on what the TDP is going to be for this SKU, as certainly it'll be higher than 100 Watts. Intel has not disclosed a price either.

In a presentation, they also showed some slides mentioning the slightly confusing situation on Turbo bins with AMD's Ryzen 3000, claiming for Intel 5 GHz simply is 5 GHz. The slide-show also held an interesting screengrab. Have a peek.

Update September 19th, 2019
New information reached us, the Core i9 9900KS will get a 127 Watt TDP as ASUS has released a BIOS update for its upcoming motherboards listing precisely this TDP, that's an increase if 34 percent. Not bad really, so we are really wondering how long the 5 GHz on all cores that's in place. 20~30 Seconds and then back to the base-clock at 4000 GHz as with this TDP you cannot continuously run 5 GHz at that wattage in our belief.

Also, mind you that TDP for Intel is not a maximum power used, that number likely is far higher in the 5 GHz all-core boost. So the question remains, the Intel all-core 5 GHz Boost .. is for how many seconds? The Core i9-9900KS has 16 MB of L3 cache, built-in UHD 630 GT2 graphics chip, supports DDR4-2666 memory, and the processor will continue to use IHS soldering to improve the heat and unpacking of the chip. The chip is due for release next month.

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