Intel Xeon Processor Supporting Up to 56 Cores & 12 Channels Memory

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In an aim to fight with AMD in the datacenter Intel announced Cascade Lake-AP processors, which have up-to 56 cores and it is the successor "Skylake-SP" and "Xeon scalable processors" released in 2017.

The supporting chipset remains the Intel C620 with CPU socket P (LGA3647). In addition to supporting up to DDR4-2, 933 MHz memory, it has become possible to implement up to 24 or 36 channels of system memory (that is up to 12 channels per CPU), which is doubled now. In addition, it supports the newly developed non-volatile memory "Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory".

The top of the line and bill is the "Xeon Platinum 9200" series with the "Xeon Platinum 9282" with up to 56 cores. The 56-core "Cascade Lake" is a multi-chip module (MCM) based on two 28-core dies each holding a 6-channel DDR4 memory interface. That results in 12-channels per processor package. it is only available as a BGA package mounted directly on the motherboard. Furthermore, up to 28 cores "is the Xeon Platinum 8200" series, up to 24 cores the "Xeon Gold 6200/5200" series, up to 16 cores "Xeon Silver 4200" series, 6 cores "Xeon Bronze 3204" lineup.

Prices for the SKUs have not been announced and please do expect an up-to 400 Watt TDP for that one. AMD will release its Epyc chips with 64 cores in the summer of 2019.

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