Intel Xe DG2 could have the performance level of an RTX 3070

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Intel has so far only used its new "Xe" graphics in an integrated form in the "Tiger Lake" ultra-mobile CPUs , but now Intel boss Bob Swan said a thing or two about the next thing.

As part of the announcement of the quarterly figures, Intel also confirmed that they are now shipping the first DG1 GPUs. The cards named Iris Xe Max are dedicated cards, but will probably only appear sporadically in notebooks for the time being. 

News about the DG2 is almost more interesting. It should be based on Xe HPG, where HPG stands for high-performance gaming. And that GPU should now be manufactured and tuned to market readiness in Intel's laboratories. There would then be dedicated graphics cards for gamers who will hopefully also be competitive with the two competitors.

DG2 should arrive by the end of next year. Although Intel does not give specific data as to where they are pointing, and only say that they point to the "enthusiast segment" and "high performance", rumors have already been commissioned to say that the new Intel card would match the performance of an RTX 3070.

Rumor has it that Intel's new dedicated card performing like an RTX 3070, but that could be way too optimistic. Also according to rumors, the Xe DG2 should be manufactured with the 6nm process and will be accompanied by 16GB of GDDR6 memory. But, this all is highly speculative. 

Intel Xe DG2 could have the performance level of an RTX 3070

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