Intel Will launch a 28 core Desktop Processor at End Of Year

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Intel just announced a 28-core/56-thread high-end desktop processor, this would likely be called "Skylake XCC" with XCC for extreme core count. The processor has a 700 mm² die on a client-segment package.

Intel will release the processor likely this year in Q4, however, given its severe complexity, we doubt that X299 will be the platform for it as Skylake XCC will get a hexa-channel memory interface. This proc will get a base clock at 2.70 GHz. Intel did not specify any turbo frequencies but did manage to overclock to 5.00 GHz. How it's was cooled was not disclosed. Intel did score a nice 7,334 Cinebench points with it. We mentioned Skylake XCC, but that is also an assumption, as it Intel might as well be doing two 14 core dies with Cascade Lake-X. This product should launch in Q4-2018, the name of this SKU has not yet been determined, but it'll be something Core i9.

AMD tomorrow will hold its press conference, rumor is there will be a 32-core Threadripper announcement ;)

Photo courtesy - Engadget

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