Intel will disable support for AVX-512 on Alder Lake processors.

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With a new microcode, Intel seems to be disabling and removing AVX-512 capabilities from Alder Lake CPUs. AVX-512 is currently only supported on Alder Lake through the use of a workaround.

Intel does not promote AVX-512 for Alder Lake, despite the fact that the instruction set was heavily promoted for a couple of its previous-generation client-segment CPUs, especially the 11th Generation Rocket Lake and 10th Generation Cascade Lake-X HEDT processors. AVX-512 is likely to be a feature that differentiates the company's next-generation HEDT processors based on Sapphire Rapids, its future enterprise microarchitecture. Even though AVX-512 is not officially supported on Alder Lake CPUs, software that requires these instructions may be able to operate on certain 12th Generation Core processors when used in conjunction with older versions of Intel ME firmware.

In addition to energy efficiency concerns, Intel's decision to deprecate the few AVX-512 instructions available for Core processors could have been driven by the lack of enthusiasm shown by client application authors for the instructions. In the high-performance computer and cloud computing industries, this command is more appropriate than for the general public.

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