Intel Vaunt - smart glasses that display images directly on your retina

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Intel is developing smart glasses that reflect a monochrome image directly onto the retina of users. For example, notifications can be shown that you receive on your smartphone. The prototype of the glasses is called Vaunt and uses a weak laser and a so-called holographic projector.

They can see this image by looking into the bottom right of their field of vision, reports The Verge. The glasses look like a regular model and in its current form would weigh less than fifty grams. The glasses are supposed to work eighteen hours on one battery charge. According to Intel, the projected image is always sharp but is only visible if users consciously adjust their view. The glasses do not contain a camera and for the time being, are not equipped with a microphone.

Intel would not have decided how the glasses should be precisely controlled. It is possible that a next prototype will have a microphone, so that the glasses work with smart assistants, or use is made of head movements. For the smart functionalities, the Vaunt is connected to the smartphone of users. With the prototype presented to The Verge, a list of notifications was displayed in the corner of the eyeglass.

Intel Vaunt glasses. (Screenshot: YouTube/The Verge)


The Vaunt should be available for developers later this year so that they can create applications for the device. According to a rumor from Bloomberg, Intel would be talking to third parties about a combined sale of its division that develops smart glasses. It would be a majority stake in which the production and sale of the glasses are handed over.

Intel Vaunt - smart glasses that display images directly on your retina

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