Intel Updates Lunar Lake Processor Lineup with LNL-V Model

New details emerged about Intel's updated Lunar Lake processor, now designated as Lunar Lake-V (LNL-V). According to IT House, this rebranded processor will feature a configuration of four performance (P) cores and four low-power efficiency (LPE) cores, aimed at balancing power and energy efficiency. Further insights reveal that the Lunar Lake-V series will differentiate models based on CPU frequency and L3 cache size. Additionally, these processors will incorporate up to eight X e2 Core units from the Battlemage architecture for the integrated graphics. The Lunar Lake-V is designed to support dual LPDDR5X-8533 memory modules, with configurations allowing up to 32GB of RAM. It utilizes MoP (metal-organic framework) for its overall packaging approach, which contributes to its structural integrity.

From a thermal management perspective, the Lunar Lake-V processors are compatible with both standard fan-based and fanless cooling solutions, catering to a power envelope that ranges from 17 to 30 watts, including memory consumption. Intel's strategy with the Lunar Lake-V series excludes hyper-threading capabilities, focusing instead on raw core performance. Initial releases of devices equipped with these processors are anticipated from manufacturers such as Lenovo and Asus.

Source: ithome

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