Intel to Cease Production of Blockscale 1000 Series ASICs for Crypto Mining

Intel has recently declared its intention to cease production of its Blockscale 1000 series ASICs, specifically engineered for cryptocurrency mining.

 Developed under the umbrella of the Custom Compute Group within Intel's AXG graphics division, Blockscale was introduced in April 2022 to offer enhanced efficiency and supply benefits compared to other ASICs available in the market. However, the downturn in the cryptocurrency market's valuation during the latter half of 2022, coupled with a significant restructuring within Intel's AXG, contributed to the decision to halt Blockscale's production.

Intel's foray into the cryptocurrency hardware space came relatively late, compared to competitors NVIDIA and AMD, who already unveiled crypto-centric variants of consumer GPUs back in 2017. Blockscale, which debuted when Bitcoin was priced above $40K USD, encountered fierce competition from established market players.

Although no information has been provided on the current status of the Custom Compute Group, Intel has assured ongoing support for existing Blockscale clientele. The technology giant has not hinted at any intentions to launch a subsequent generation of crypto ASICs, stating it will continue to evaluate market opportunities.

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