Intel sub-20W Avoton Atom for micro-servers

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Details about "Avoton", Intel's upcoming Atom processor for the company's upcoming "Edisonville" micro-server platform have surfaced on the web. Avoton is a 22nm processor with two to eight cores, backed by 1MB to 4MB of L2 cache memory. Power consumption will be under 20W. The cores will be designed to support out-of-order processing, correcting a longstanding limitation of Atom processors. 

As techpowerup stated, the cores will likely be designed with a balanced instruction set to maximize performance per Watt. Processors in the Atom "Avoton" series will be clocked around 2.40 GHz, and will support Turbo Boost technology, which drives core clock speed up to 2.70 GHz. Another big feature change is an expanded IMC, which will support dual-channel DDR3-1600 / DDR3-1600L memory. Enterprise features such as ECC memory and Intel VT, will be included. The chips will likely be built in FCBGA packages.

Intel sub-20W Avoton Atom for micro-servers

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