Intel still the biggest, but AMD, NVIDIA and TSMC are growing fast

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When you look purely at the numbers then intel still is ranking all charts in terms of silicon sold, but a very interesting rpsort was released by IC Insights showing massive growth for a couple of companies like AMD, Nvidia and TSMC.

IC Insight reports that Intel generates sales of $ 73.9 billion from chip deliveries for the whole of 2020. That is an increase of 4 percent compared to last year. Samsung is in second place with an appraised turnover of about $ 60.5 billion, an increase of 9 percent. TSMC retains its third place at  $ 45.4 billion, which is 31 percent more than last year.

Then looking at AMD and Nvidia. Nvidia is growing the fastest, said to be worth $ 15.9 billion in sales that are 50 percent more than last year. AMD enters new in the top 15, in the last place. AMD's chips are worth $ 9.5 billion, and that's a 41 percent differential seen from last year. 

The total chip market will grow by 13 percent this year to $ 355.4 billion, IC Insights estimates. The growth is twice what was initially expected. Last year, the turnover from chips from the suppliers of the top 15 fell by 15 percent compared to a year earlier.

Intel still the biggest, but AMD, NVIDIA and TSMC are growing fast

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