Intel SSD 520 to succeed SSD 510

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 Intel's SSD 510 will be succeeded by the SSD 520 "Cherryville". The new variant will offer higher capacities and faster performance, expected availability is Q4 2011 as vr-zone reports.

Codenamed "Cherryville", Intel's new high-end client SSD series is called SSD 520. Its main design goals look to be to spread the series in capacities both higher and lower than what the SSD 510 series could address. While SSD 510 is available only in 120 GB and 250 GB variants, the new SSD 520 will add a higher capacity variant, 480 GB, and a lower capacity one, 60 GB. A new 160 GB variant is added in the middle, and 250 GB is replaced by 240 GB.

With client SSDs and client environment in general, sequential transfer speeds are the king, Intel gave out just one set of sequential transfer rates for the SSD 520 series, 530 MB/s reads and 490 MB/s writes; and just one set of random access throughput, up to 40,000 IOPS read and 45,000 IOPS write. These figures are known to vary between the different variants, and so we'll have to wait for the final specifications that are specific to variants.

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