Intel Skylake-X series CPU Photo Surfaces

Today what is claimed to be an Intel Skylake-X processor was pictured, showcasing a huge CPU size and some impressive leaked specifications. The processor would run on a new socket, LGA 2066 CPU socket (same as Xeon) and this socket will be Intel's largest socket to date, supporting up to 44 total PCIe 3.0 lanes and support DDR4-2666 MH memory. 

Let me just state first that this might as well be the Xeon part ? Anyway, the Intel Skylake-X CPU has been pictured and leaked through Asia based benchlife, showcasing a very large CPU size, there are some leaked specifications. 

LGA 2066 and Skylake-X has not been confirmed, it however is rumored that Skylake X could get 10 total CPU cores and have a TDP of up to 140W with a stronger DDR4 memory controller, supporting faster DDR4-2666MHz memory. As you can see the leaked sample shows a base clock of 2.40 GHz, add to that some turbos to 500 MHz and we are looking at roughly 3.0 GHz for the fastest core.

Skylake-X would actually include six, eight and ten core CPUs and thus follow Broadwell-E . Under the name Kaby Lake-X there could also will be quad-cores for socket 2066, with fewer PCI Express lanes and only two memory channels. Also for Kaby Lake-X Turbo Boost 3.0 is not supported. There will also be a new chipset which includes ten integrated USB 3.0 ports and eight SATA600 ports. It is still unclear whether USB 3.1 will also be part of the chipset. 

Skylake-X would arrive at the earliest in the summer or maybe even winter of 2017.

Intel Skylake-X series CPU Photo Surfaces

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