Intel Six Core Lineup exposed - Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K

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We've been talking and debating intel Coffee Lake for some time now. new information surfaced on the web, including SKU names and base clock frequencies. The big daddy proc would be the Core i7 8700K with a 3.7 Ghz base-clock in a 6c/12t configuration.

Actually Intel would be planning to release four six-core models, two of them get hyper-threading, two will not (Core i5 versus i7). Coffee Lake processors will be fabbed at a 14nm node and would be available on LGA1151 within months. French magazine Canard PC is basing the new information up-on reports that the first samples have been supplied to customers. The top model Core i7-8700K would get a 3.7 base clock (turbo's are not yet known).  A non-K model would get a lower 3.2 GHz base clock.

Currently the release lineup looks like this:

Processor Cores / Threads Clock speed Turbo L3 TDP
Core i7-8700K 6/12 3,7GHz tba 12MB 95W
Core i7-8700 6/12 3.2GHz tba 12MB 95W
Core i5-8600K 6/6 3,6GHz tba 9MB 95W
Core i5-8400 6/6 2.8GHz tba 9MB 65W

The Core i5-8600K however would be getting a 3.6 GHz base clock and is an unlocked model. Intel supposedly also will release a Core i5 series with the Core i5-8400 would run at a base of 2.8 Ghz, and is locked. Coffee Lake should be released together with the Z370 / H370 chipsets and logic assumes a release later this year in the Q3 region. Intel 300 series desktop processor motherboard would be based on the current LGA 1151 socket, the SiSoft results already have shown Platform entries.

Intel Six Core Lineup exposed - Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K

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