Intel Shows Xe-HPG DG2 512EU based GPU

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On social media, Intel is showing a photo of a DG2 GPU with 512 Execution Unit, which would be the flagship 4096 Shader core version GPU. 

Once again, it was Koduri who posted a photo, and of course, his reflection had to be in there; let's hope the hype he creates is real. As you can observe in the photo, the chip is tagged as DG2-512, which indicates the 512 Execution Units (4096 shading cores). That would be the prime GPU to be paired with up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. Koduri further mentions:

Xe-HPG (DG2) real candy - very productive time at the Folsom lab couple of weeks ago. “From jittery journeys to buttery smooth” said @rogerdchandler - lots of game and driver optimization work ahead for @gfxlisa ’s software team. They are all very excited..and a little scared:)

In the future, you can expect several spinoffs based on DG2, including a 512EU, 384EU, and 128EU model. The 512EU is expected to be employed for both discrete desktop and mobile solutions. 

Intel Shows Xe-HPG DG2 512EU based GPU

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